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Bi Folding Doors

What are Bi-Folding Doors?

Bi-folding Doors create superior panoramic views all year round from the comfort of your living room, kitchen, conservatory or orangery. By neatly folding and sliding, Bi-folding Doors allow quick and easy access to your garden. The large panes of glass present unspoilt views of the outside and allow maximum light into your home.

The style of your beautifully designed and carefully manufactured bi folding doors are easily matched to the existing style of your home and provide a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor space and can be designed to suit any opening size.

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Slim, Strong and Smooth

The high strength of aluminium ensures the  Bi-folding Doors are one of the strongest available. Bi-folding Door frames and mechanisms are designed to give optimum strength and durability to ensure a structurally sound product that requires minimal maintenance to deliver reliable performance over a lifetime of use.

Bi-folding Doors run on stainless-steel rollers at the base of the frame. This is an important consideration as the entire weight of the bi-folding door is taken by the track and the smooth running of your doors depends on the quality of these rollers. Thanks to these special rollers even the widest of door combinations can be opened easily without the need for excessive effort. In most instances, it is possible to have integral blinds fitted within your bi-folding doors.

Bi Folding Doors Magnetic Features

Magnetic Door Catch

The bi-folding door leaf is held open by a round magnetic catch attached to folding doors, holding the doors open as they fold.

Multi point locking

Bi-folding Doors feature two high-security hooks and a dead-bolt to ensure total peace of mind. Upgraded locking systems are available.

Handle options for Bi Folding Doors


No matter how many handles and locks you have on your Bi-folding Doors, you only ever need to find one key as your door set has ‘keyed alike’ locks as standard for your convenience.

Ventilation for Bi Folding Doors

Trickle Vents

In certain circumstances your local Building Regulations will require you to have ventilation slots in your window or door frame to allow your home to ‘breathe’.

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